Love, Gathered | Styled Shoot

Near the end of summer, I got to work on a really cool project. My talented friend Jennifer and I had been doing some styling and work together on a blog called Part & Parcel, which lead us to some amazing shoots, collaborations, as well as other local creatives. 

I was approached by the Refinery Magazine to submit some of my photography for their summer issue. It was an end of summer/beginning of fall piece, and I wanted to create something that was filled with warmth, intimacy, and celebration of love.  

We wanted the evening to be a small gathering of friends and family, something easily attainable, and simplistic in nature. The desserts were "homemade" by Vancouver Pie Hole, and When Pigs Fly Pastries. The vintage furniture was a collection of pieces around Jennifer's home, and from The Found & The Freed vintage shop in Vancouver. The girls wore dresses from Charlie & Lee, and the vintage bridal dress was found tucked away in the back room of Burcu's Angels

The florals were foraged from around Jennifers parents beautiful garden, and were the finishing touch on the evening. We invited our wonderful friends, hung the lights, poured the wine, and everybody had a great time. 

The piece was featured in the September issue of the Refinery Magazine, and can be viewed here