As I sit in our apartment, still in my pyjamas and with about 5 layers of knits keeping me warm (October weather has arrived in Vancouver), I am still in disbelief that we have already been home for a full week. It feels as if our trip existed somewhere in a dream. Our time in Europe was incredibly inspirational. It gave me such a sense of direction for this next chapter in my life with my business and goals. 

I am still sifting through each moment of our journey, but for now I will leave you with some snippets of our time in Shoreditch. If you find yourselves in that neighbourhood in London, I highly recommend: 

Albion Cafe: best scrambled eggs and toast I've ever had. 
Albam Clothing: UK label with a beautiful selection of menswear.
Ace Hotel: If only just to use their Photo Booth and admire the rows of creative individuals working away on their MacBooks. 
Beagle London: Best restaurant experience of our trip. Delicious food and such a beautiful setting.
Labour & Wait: Home goods and trinkets galore.
Pizza East: Mouth watering pizza.

Our favourite neighbourhoods to explore were Shoreditch and Hoxton, Notting Hill and Marylebone. London left me wanting much much more. There are endless recomendations to make I am sure, but these were our favourites from what we were able to make it to.

The first few photos are from our amazing airbnb that we rented in Spitalfields. Unfortunately the owners are moving to the countryside and won't be renting it out much longer, but it sure was a breathtaking spot to be in!