Day at The Cabin

We decided on friday morning to sneak off to our family cabin for the weekend. mark came home early, and i packed everything we had in the fridge and we left as early as we could. it was our first time being at the cabin without anyone else there, and we decided it was something we wanted to try and do at least once a year. 

its really hard for me to have a day without plans because i like to keep busy. however, waking up on Saturday without anything to do but be with each other and enjoy the cabin was such an amazing feeling. 

it was much colder than i had anticipated, hovering just above freezing, so we put on as many layers as we had brought for a long walk outside around the lake. mark kept the fire going all day long, i made some hearty stew and some banana bread, we read books, watched a movie, talked about some future projects, and all those other good Saturday-at-the-cabin things. 

ps, my parents rent out their little cabin in case you're ever looking for a little getaway!