Rogue Florist | Fall Florals

One of my favourite aspects of my job is the people that it connects me with, especially when those people are incredibly talented and wonderful women in my city. 

When Kerri Pfeiffer from Rogue Florist reached out a few months ago, my wheels started turning about what we could create together. Her work is so unique, with a soft and organic feel, that it was so fun to come up with a story to compliment it.

I put it out on instagram that I was looking for a model and hairstylist, and right away got two amazing women on board. Jill Offereins, an amazing hairstylist from Langley, styled two beautiful looks on Karina Nagy, who agreed to be our wonderful model.

Kerri's friend Claire made a remarkable cake, and the beautiful ceramics are from Janaki Larsen.

We shot everything in my apartment, which I am so thankful is a space that can be used for so many things, and it was an incredible highlight.

Other Sources:
Top: Charlie & Lee
Skirt: One Of A Few