Sweet Words and Florals | Part One

I recently had the opportunity to work with Farisia Thang, a local (and incredibly talented) calligrapher. I had seem some of her work on instagram, and quickly fell in love - especially the bible verses that she had done.  

She sent me some of her pieces and I was in awe of their beauty. I instantly had a vision of putting them together with some loose, romantic florals.

I have worked with Celsia a couple of times before and have been blown away every time. They do such an amazing job putting together bouquets, they always have a beautiful unexpected quality that looks like they could have been freshly picked from the back garden. Plus, Tawnee and her team are so sweet which make it incredibly easy to work with them. 

Working on projects like this one make me feel incredibly lucky to do what I do. Plus, I've been able to enjoy this amazing bouquet for the past week and it makes the whole house seem like spring!

Anyways, here is part one from my collaboration with Farisia and Celsia Flowers