Travel Diary | A Day in Nice

There are many "unpublished" photos from our time in Europe this past fall. At the end of our time in France, we spent a couple days in Nice. Of our entire trip, Nice was by far the busiest with tourists. Upon our initial arrival there we were a little disappointed as it was a big change from the more authentic spots we had just experienced. 

It took a little bit of exploration, but once we travelled past the main beach strip we found the city culture that we were looking for. The thing about French cities is there are so many gems around every corner. Its easy to get lost by wandering through the streets and taking in all that resides in those nooks and crannies. 

Something I have been trying to remind myself is the way the French appreciate time. There isn't a sense of "rush" and "busy" like there is in North America. Everyone seems content to be in whatever situation they are in, and they make no excuses for it. I think there is something to be said about that.