Apartment No. 101

If you follow me at all on instagram you may know that Mark and I recently moved to a new apartment. We've been smitten with the building were in for about a year now, and were thrilled (read: overjoyed/ecstatic beyond belief) when we finally snagged a one bedroom at the beginning of the month.

Once we signed the lease, I began dreaming up ways of decorating our new space. When we got married, neither of us had lived on our own before and so we needed to start from scratch. That meant furnishing with Ikea, vintage shops, and craigslist finds (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Slowly over the past few years we've upgraded a few pieces with ones we really love. I've realized its best to take your time with those things. 

I've thoroughly enjoyed the decorative planning process, and if you've seen my pinterest lately - you can attest to that ;). Here are a few of my favorite design sources to browse through: 

A couple snaps of the new place (moving boxes included!), as well as (my favourite part) the view of the ocean from merely a block away.