We just came back from a whirlwind weekend spent in Portland. We drove down last Thursday after work and came home last night (where we fell into bed with some takeout and a movie). 

Portland is a great city. This weekend was a first for Mark and I, as we had never been before! It seems crazy because the drive is only 6 hours, nevertheless it was such a fun city to explore together.

I have so many highlights from the weekend! Some of them include antique shopping and scoring some awesome pieces for our home, visiting boutiques and coffee shops that I had previously bookmarked for the trip, our airbnb, delicious meals out - including eating at Pok Pok at 9pm (if you know us, that is something that only ever happens on vacation mode! So fun and worth it.), brunching with Trevor & Heather Orton (instagram friends that we finally met in person!), having dinner at Benjamin Holtrop's lovely apartment (more instagram friends!) and of course doing a two part engagement session with Brett & Holly in downtown Portland. 

We hope to visit again very soon!

Some of our favourite places we visited include:

Beam & Anchor
Alder & Co (personal favourite)
Manor Fine Wares
Steven Alan
Schoolhouse Electric Co
Pistills Nursery
Monticello Antiques
Grand Marketplace

Barista Coffee
Kenny & Zukes
Petunias Pastries (gluten free & vegan heaven)
Pok Pok
Dicks Kitchen
Tasty N Alder