Spring Dressing | Outfit Post

I haven't done this in a long time.

I used to write a fashion blog. It phased out once I launched my photography business, but I am so thankful for that time in my life and all that I learned during it.

Lately I have been wanting to revisit a little bit of what I used to do, but in a new way. It isn't a fully formed idea quite yet, but I thought I would start with a simple outfit post. 

These photos were kind of impromptu, and were taken in the corner of a parking lot in Portland. As soon as we started snapping photos, a million cars drove into the lot, looking at us, and eager to grab the spot we were standing in. If there was a hashtag for awkward blog photos, many of my shots would be in that. 

Anyways, this dress has basically become my spring uniform. Its pretty great - you should get it too. 

Dress: APC via Oliver & Lillys
Shoes: Vans via Gravity Pope
Sunnies: Illesteva via Charlie & Lee