Style Post | Bryr Clogs

So, style posts are one of the most ridiculous things sometimes. 

I often laugh at the fact that I used to have a style blog. Don't get me wrong - it was such a wonderful time in my life; I grew so much because of it - and it was essential to growing my skills as a photographer. The part that I laugh about are the photos themselves - specifically, having to take them. 

Usually it involves convincing my husband to drive to a specific location to take photos, describing to him what my vision is while he interprets what I am saying (usually incorrectly due to my ridiculous descriptions), him telling me I am making a weird face, me trying to look normal, me checking to see what the photos look like and realizing the weird face I am making, which means him think I am unhappy with his photo skills, which then makes me think he doesn't want to take photos, so then I continue to make weird faces and look awkward and you see where this goes.. 

Thankfully the part that usually comes next is me realizing how ridiculous my instructions are, us laughing about it and then finally taking some photos we're both happy with. 
I truly love him for doing these photos with me - as awkward and hilarious as they are. :) 


Anyways! - I wanted to share about these beautiful clogs that I have adored for forever! Bryr clogs are handmade and the studio is based in San Fransisco. Isobel, the designer, focuses on classic and simple designs made with high quality materials. The leather is incredibly soft, and the wood base is sturdy and comfortable - which makes them a dream to wear! 

I have loved following along with each collection that Bryr releases. I am currently swooning over the Hannah, Annabelle, Margot and Chloe.. but actually they are all perfect. 

I have had these since the fall, and was wearing them with socks and tights - and now am excited to free my toes to wear them this spring and summer too.