i've been thinking a lot about inspiration, and what propels me forward in my own personal creative journey. 

over the years i have heard many different opinions on the importance of being inspired - where to find it, where not to look for it. its sort of become one of those words thats thrown around and in some regards has lost its meaning. 

i've been reading a lot from the book of ecclesiastes lately and came across this verse,

"what has been is what will be,
and what has been done is what will be done,
and there is nothing new under the sun."
ecclessiastes 1:9

i find so much freedom in this verse when it comes to creating. anything that we make is merely a reflection of what has already been made by God (through him and for him, col 1:16)- and there is nothing that we can make that hasn't already been done - or will be done. 
i love knowing that my work only imitates creation, and the beauty that has been handwritten within and through everything on earth. it means that when i find others who create work that inspires me, i can celebrate with them in their success - and use that to excite and awaken my own imagination. 
it also means that the pressure to create something new and truly unique doesn't exist - and that instead of trying so hard to stand apart from other artists, we can stand alongside each other.

i personally find so much inspiration in the work of others photographers. i love collecting images on tumblr and pinterest for this very reason. i think its ok to use social media to our advantage - especially when it leads us to create something for ourself. 
the personal projects i have done are some of the main sources of my growth, and have been instrumental in helping me learn what my voice is. 

i suppose all these ramblings are just to encourage you (and mostly me) to keep creating things that bring you joy. not to be intimidated if you don't have a grand idea, but to find beauty and meaning in whatever is around you.